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HBGlory Overseas – New Server Introduced!
Servers are specially catered to players outside of China, you can enjoy playing lag free!

Key Features
1: The game is totally FREE
2: There is no PA or MA in the server!
3: The droprate is similar to the original Korean server
4: Exp is 3X the original Korean server
5: More than 300 people are online during events. At any time the typical number of online players is about 150.
6: Many different events available
7: Max attribute for armours are 70 (eg. DR, MR, HP Regen, MP Regen)
8: Max level is 120 (thereafter, you gain Majestic points)

Other Features:
– Hero Armours are formed using the Hero Dye. The dyes can be used on existing armour. Benefits of full hero set: +15HP and DM+2.  The dyes can be gotten via a series of quests, and requires various items as well.
– When strength exceeds 180, you will get a physical damage bonus. When magic exceeds 190, you will get a magic damage bonus.
– When an item (only weapons, not armour) upgrade fails, the item will not shatter. Instead, the item level will drop by 1 for normal weapon and 3 for special weapons (DemonSlayer, etc). If an upgrade is successful, the weapon level will increase by 1.
– To upgrade a weapon beyond +4, you will need: 1 majestic point, 20 contribution points and 1 merien/xelima stone.
– Additional weapon levels will add 1% physical damage and 0.86% magic damage
– The level of your Angel will proportionately reduce an upgraded weapon’s damage. If your Angel’s level is +10, and your enemy’s weapon level is +15, it will reduce the damage taken to be similar to that of a +5 weapon.
– Vigor Potions are given as quest rewards. Vigor potions temporarily upgrade blacksmith items to +10 for 2 hours.
– DK armour: To raise the level, 3 majestic points are required. Only 1 DK item can be taken per character.
– DK weapons: To upgrade to Templar Sword, majestic points are required. From +0 to +1 requires 1 majestic point and 100 contribution points. In total, to achieve +15, you will need 127 majestic points and 12700 contribution points.
– War summoning scrolls can be used to summon allies to your side (lasts for 5 minutes).
– Events included in this server are: Capture The Relic, Defend The Shield, City vs City, Happy Hour
– From Monday to Thursday, recall time in enemy city is 1 minute. From Friday to Sunday, it is 1 hour.
– There are no Medusa Swords in this server
– Giant Swords have a 2% chance to paralyse enemies for 0.3 seconds.
– Battle Axe has a high probability to cause 200% damage
– When one reaches max level, you will automatically get a goody bag. Please ensure your backpack has 48 empty spaces.
– Manufactured items are superior compared to Blacksmith / Shop items.
– The GM does not sell any items. However, players are free to buy and sell goods amongst themselves. If a middleman is required, you can seek help from the GM. Nickname: 红衣

If you still remember this epic game, do join us! We have a strong high number of active players 24/7. An exciting journey awaits you!

offical web:http://dwz.cn/helry999
download 1:http://dwz.cn/helbreathry
download 2:http://t.cn/R4QA2e7

NOTE: If you can’t learn magic skills, please open “Hel232.exe” and enter the game. Use that client file to learn the magic skills you want, then log out and re-enter the game using "HBGlory(ENG).exe" to play!
NOTE: To view a person’s equipment and items, just hover your cursor over the character and press “CTR + C”.
To toggle between allowing others to view your items, type: /kzb

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